Another Morning Begins at Night

9:43 PM to be specific, and I really have no aim or purpose for this blog. I’ve read that is always a good place to start, with a topic. I have one of those ‘topic focused’ blogs, and I find my motivation for it waning (in the capricious way all sleep deprived ideas put into action at 4 AM have a tendency to do.) In any event, all of this is just really self-indulgent “stream of thought typed out into words”, journalistic sort of unloading of the swirling thoughts and shit I need to learn, do, acclimatize to…

And a small bit of hope that by veritably word-vomiting it out in a forum which may provide some form of entertainment or amusing insight for others, will help settle the thoughts. Provide clarity. An “It’s all out in words now, so let’s focus” type of situation.

Emotional dumping in nonsensical tangents, I suppose, as life affords us so few chances to do that without exposing ourselves unnecessarily to ridicule. Or the potential of ridicule. Funny how that happens. That people applaud the poignancy of emotion displayed in a book or on a screen, but deride it in their peers.

Anyway, to begin one such dump. I have been learning – so much, not too much, never too much – about networking, building a business; about success. Really, check out Darren Hardy, brilliant, brilliant man. However, it all feels a bit overwhelming honestly… how to network, who to network with, when to network; reaching out for referrals, for leads, for work, for training, but still need to make money. All this wanting hunger, it’s exciting to want things again. To aspire to great things. Even more so, to learn how to get there rather than just wanting to.

Still, I started real estate two months ago. It seems almost daunting to begin laying the groundwork for a local network and I’m honestly not sure how to even begin. I mean I do know, in theory, but most of that theory requires knowing people… and for the last five years I was terribly alienated from the people in my community. To the point that, outside of a scant few, I know hardly anyone. Now it comes down to how to use those few to expand the network… and how to do so in a way that doesn’t sound like I’m asking for handouts (because people still consider networking manipulative, even in the 21st century, idiotic as that sounds.) From there, converting that networking and “hey you” into leads. Into people who can/could bring in business

Videos, mail-outs and cards sound so much easier than trying to face-to-face meet. All hail the internet (and LinkedIn) for small mercies.

I’ve learned in this time that, while Facebook is sworn upon, it is not precisely ideal for business. Mostly, I would assume, for the sheer daunting amount of informality and uncouth displays of TMI.

Social media was, in many ways, I think, the slow-death of discretion.

One one side, real estate. On the other acting. I am new to both, but I can also see… how well they could play together. The overlap of learning one, and using that learning to benefit the other. Yet still, the sheer volume of information I’ve crammed into my skull since November is almost… disorienting. It needs an out, and I need a way to vent it out in the discombobulated mess it has become, so that it can be neatly ordered. Into files, into shelves.

Into a cohesive, foundation of a plan. and more determinate, precise actions to fulfill that plan.

That all sounds so clandestine, and maybe it is, maybe I should just really go to bed and give my grey-matter the rest it obviously desires. Rather than pushing through that haze of heavy-lidded-almost-sleep to finish this up and snicker at myself over a snack of strawberries.

I think I’ve run out of words anyway… for now?

~ Jess